A Writer, A Painter, A Fashion Designer

One of the best podcasts ever even though Gabriel Byrne barely lets Mitchell Kaplan speak. The whole talk was fascinating. Gerald Posner listen to what GB says about Pharmaceutical companies. GB also talks about being molested. Buy the book too.

Gabriel Byrne on Tracing His Memories Through Past and Present, Fact and Imagination
The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan

On today’s episode of The Literary Life, Mitchell Kaplan talks to Gabriel Byrne about his new book, Walking with Ghosts, out now from Grove Press. ____________________ This episode of The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan was recorded between Miami and Maine. Subscribe now on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever else you find your podcasts! Gabriel Byrne was born in Dublin and has starred in over 80 films for some of the cinema’s leading directors. He won a Golden Globe for his performance on HBO’s In Treatment. On Broadway he won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Actor and has been nominated twice for the Tony Award. He lives in Manhattan and Maine. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-literary-life-with-mitchell-kaplan/id1433854266?i=1000508742203



Jayda Knight’s Creative Space

Jayda Knight’s art studio party was a very big success. Big crowd. See Jayda shows off her fashionista dress. Her father is the cutie in peach and real estate developer Mel Schlesser is with us below.

6ft of Space painting.


Fashion For The Daring

The fashion designer

This has been happening more and more. Fashion designers are sharing studio spaces with artists. They inspire each other.

Meet Pangea Kali Virga

“My designs are entirely one of a kind couture pieces of art that take anywhere from 40 to 140 hours to make, crafted lovingly with handmade textiles and elaborate embellishment. I am very good at taking abstract thought and making it tangible through the fabric. I style creative editorials, beautiful photographic fashion narratives for magazines where I feature emerging and established designers from around the country. I also host regular workshops in my studio to teach people how to sew. I am most proud of my brand for having a totally original viewpoint when it comes to wearable art and my ability to bring large groups of people together to create things that are bigger than what we thought we were capable of.”

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