Autos Makers Add Fancy Gadgets  


Image from Rinspeed.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is starting to tease Facebook users about some of the truly unique innovations that will be on exhibit this year. The one that caught my eye was from the Swiss engineering and design firm Rinspeed. 

The Etos from Rinspeed is a “concept” sports car which boasts a fully autonomous steering wheel that folds away when the driver wants to relax. The displays in the car morph into a Harman entertainment system. The system also responds to human voice commands. Now that’s a wowwee.

The Etos also offers a drone with its own landing pad. This is pretty awesome. I can just see it now. I never leave the car. I just give orders to the drone. “Get me this. Do that for me. Fly here and there.” 

That works for me. More in January. 


Fly Like A Bird 

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to fly around like a bird, here is your chance. There’s a new type of drone, called the FLYBi, that will be coming out early next year. It will allow you to see the world from a bird’s eye view. The  FLYBi comes with a wrist remote control, an app, and head-tracker goggles. 

Currently being pitched on Indiegogo, the FLYBi will retail for $1,285.00. I just may buy one. I’m not a fan of flying or being situated high above the ground, but I do like the idea of experiencing what it’s like to fly. 

Watch the video to learn all about the FLYBi’s capability and features. Click here  to read more about the project. 

Photos Worth Noting 

My friend Rene Alberto Rodriguez Bellucci spotted this Drone while walking his dog, SoBe, the other day in Miami Beach. He quickly snapped photos. Get used to this sight. You are going to see a lot more of them.

I can’t believe I took this selfie.

The sign of the times. My Tauck tour leader had his GoPro taping most of the trip. We may be the stars of a new reality TV show.

Flying Machines


I taped this video at #CES 2015 Unveiled

I got so lucky at Unveiled #CES 2015, the press preview night. Hundreds of press people showed up to see many of the new products that were being presented for the first time. Somehow I got the front and center spot when officials at DJI gave their Inspire 1 camera drone a spin. I felt like I was receiving a private demo of DJI’s latest flying platform.

DJI describes themselves as a leader in easy-to-fly camera drones/quad copters for aerial views. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the area is known as China’s Silicon Valley. Offices can now be found in the United States, Germany, Japan, Beijing and Hong Kong.

The handheld camera mount is built to hold the DJI Inspire 1 camera and gimbal, allowing users to take their camera from the aerial platform and capture stabilized footage on the ground.

Trust me, this is going to be the next big trend in video photography. Prices have not been decided.