Polaroid Has A GoPro Alternative


For all of you who would have bought a GoPro a long time ago if it was more reasonably priced, there is now a great alternative.

The Polaroid of today (an entirely new company bought the name) just came out with a tiny Cube that is an active video camera. At $99.99, the Cube is almost a half the price of the least expensive GoPro.

People who have tested the Cube say that the GoPro’s videos are of clearer, brighter, and more vibrant. I’m not sure that really matters for the average person who just wants a record of where he or she has been. For those who jump out of airplanes or ski down the highest slopes, the GoPro is the way to go in order to show off to other professionals.

Meanwhile, the Cube has a magnetic area on its bottom so it can stick to exposed metal. That makes it easy to mount on helmets and other metallic materials. The top of the device is where you can find the camera’s record button. Very simple to use.

Polaroid says that you can get up to 90 minutes of recording time on a single charge. The Cube features a micro USB for powering purposes.

I don’t know if I am going to buy one. I’m so used to taking videos on my IPhone, that I just may make do. I also don’t think I do anything that requires 90 minutes of straight recording. If that need should ever occur, at least I know of the Cube option.

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