Reebok Changes Footwear Forever  


Reebok is about to change the entire footwear industry in both design and manufacturing. This is major news since there hasn’t been much innovation in the last 30 years.

After reading what I post here, and watching the above video, you will understand why this is going to impact all kinds of footwear.

Reebok is creating a new Liquid Factory, tentatively scheduled for Rhode Island, that uses both robot technology and 3-D drawing to manufacture shoe components without using traditional shoe molds. This means that the cost to manufacture shoes in the United States will be reduced dramatically and the speed of production will go faster than ever.

It’s so exciting that Maria Bartiromo, of Fox News, rushed to be among the first to report the news. She interviewed Bill McInnis, the Reebok executive, who is the head of the Reebok Future Team.  He told Maria that this new innovation will open up new opportunities for what can be created.

If you watch the video you will understand how the process takes place. It shows how robots use high-energy liquid to draw in layers in order to create the first ever energy-return outsole which supposedly is dramatically better than a typical rubber outsole. It also stretches and molds around the foot, providing a three dimensional fit.

Reebok collaborated with BASF and the Rampf Group to make this all happen.        

Reebok issued their own video to explain the process. It’s pretty amazing. This is the future.

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