Felipe Grimberg’s Life With Botero

If you truly love ❤️ art, then you know how Felipe Grimberg felt when he sold his first Botero. He had a true sense of loss. He acquired it as a Bar Mitzvah gift. The painting was on his wall for a long time and when it was gone, he felt like he lost a good friend. 

Felipe went on to become the world’s most successful dealer selling 400 artworks from renowned Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. He started out selling Botero’s in his hometown of Medellin, to finding customers all over the world. 

We met Felipe at the Perez Art Museum of Miami the other night where he gave a talk on the content of his coffee table book, Selling Botero. 

Everyone in the audience received a copy. The beauty of the book is that it explains, in Felipe’s words, what it’s like to be a true art enthusiast. He led a dream life selling art work that he was completely passionate about.

Felipe has been quoted saying, “Being able to help people acquire great art works that will enrich their lives is a wonderful experience. It is great to see people buy, place the work in their home, hang it or install the sculpture and live with this great accomplishment. It is wonderful to see works pass through generations and for them to receive the monetary profit from their investment.”

Here is a recording of the talk. Click below.

Here are some of the photos I took at Botero’s Museum in Bogata.

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