The Price of Traveling

glassesSo many of my friends are traveling all over the world. They have the time of their lives. However, many of them suffer from terrible jet lag when they get home. Their days are night, their nights are days. A few confided that it almost makes the trip not worth it

That’s tough to hear. I really want them to try a new device from an Australian inventor who claims to have a cure for jet lag. All you have to do is wear a pair of glasses. The Re-Timer wearable light device reportedly regulates your body’s internal clock. It emits a soft green light, which is supposed to mimic natural sunlight.

The theory is that photoreceptors in our eyes detect sunlight and signal our brain to be awake. If you fall asleep earlier one night, you would need to wear the Re-Timer for 50 minutes after waking up that day. Conversely, if you need to stay up later and delay your body’s clock, you’d wear the device for 50 minutes before going to bed.

The company recommends users wear Re-Timer three times a week for the body to re-adjust. Re-Timer can be worn with reading glasses, and its battery is rechargeable via USB. The device sells for $273.90 in the U.S.

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