Email Works, No One Talks 

I may have mentioned this already, but I can’t emphasize this enough. No one in the workforce uses the telephone anymore. Everything is done through email or text.

The press will never answer their phone if you call them. If you have their cell number, maybe. But the usual course of action is through the written word. 

Talking is just passé. Younger people feel it just takes up too much time in the world of the Internet when everything happens at record speed.

A case in point is the event I just worked on.  My client is the Williams McCall gallery. They are having an opening Saturday night for artist Rubem Robierb’s Heart Series. Rubem is married to weatherman Sam Champion.  

Josh Murray (ABC’s The Bachelorette) will be making a special appearance at the event. I scored a big hit in the Miami Herald by working the emails. The female writer saw my media alert which I sent out several times. She asked me questions a few times, all by email. I made sure I promptly answered her. I didn’t take my eyes off of my incoming emails for many hours. 

Bravo!  We made it into the Miami Herald. They announced the event in their calendar section. Below is the editorial hit. Below that  is the press release I issued. I also sent a few media alerts announcing Josh Murray’s appearance.

If you are in Miami, you’re invited.



CONTACT:        Lois Whitman                                  

HWH PR                       

PHONE:            917-822-2591


Artist Rubem Robierb’s HEART Series 


110 Washington Avenue


Saturday, April 18th at 6 pm to 9pm


(Many Notables Expected to Attend)



Rubem Robierb And Husband Sam Champion 



MIAMI BEACH, FL – March 19, 2015 – Rubem Robierb exhibits his HEART series to the Williams McCall Gallery South of Fifth.  The opening reception is open to the public on Saturday, April 18th at 6 pm.  The exhibit will run until May 7th.  The exhibition will benefit Enduring Hearts whose mission is to increase the longevity of pediatric transplant recipients.


With HEART, Robierb strikes yet another nerve in contemporary American society by showcasing the fact that human emotion often gets transferred to a plethora of external communicative objects like signs, emojis, words and symbols. The heart holds such strong emotional, symbolic value and when juxtaposed with everyday signage and phrases, the underlying power of each emotion emerges more evident. The outcome is a collection of ironic, edgy, political and critical artworks that display Robierb’s personal vision of the world. Both opulent and sophisticated, Robierb’s artistic vision creates dramatic metaphors that highlight the swift changes in our culture and incites the viewer to reflect on the both universal and deeply personal question of what is love.


Robierb’s body of work carries an innate connection to the pop art movement referencing Warhol’s two-dimensionality, visual strength and use of repetitive figures. As with Warhol, Robierb utilizes a simple, almost naïve sense of figurativeness to convey powerful messages to the beholder, which also aligns him with a contemporary artist like Banksy. Although not as politically loaded or motivated as Banksy, Robierb successfully captures the beholder’s attention compelling the viewer to extract the underlying message of the artwork – a particularly powerful trait of Robierb’s art. Robierb’s use of the hearts in this show and the butterflies in his previous Bulletfly Effect Series also builds a strong alliance to Damien Hirst. Robierb’s use of nature and biological elements generate a strong visual representation of nature versus manmade metaphors.


Rubem Robierb was born in the Brazilian state of Maranhão.  Four years ago, he moved to the United States to further develop his artistic career.  He lives between New York and Miami, where he has his own studio.  His works are represented in collections and galleries in New York, Miami, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Milan, Paris, Monaco and Zurich.


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