Roof Party 

One of the reasons why Eliot and I returned to NYC today is because our coop was having a roof party for all of the shareholders. Eliot and I are on the board. We really wanted to celebrate the fact that this has been our home for 40 years. Many of our neighbors have lived in our building for decades too. They say that people in NYC don’t know their neighbors. Not in my building.


The view from our roof


Enough food for an army.


75 people showed up.


The party was Josh Rubinger’s idea and Marilyn Scher handled thr execution.


Dyan and Herm


Two members of the board, Josh and Jared, President, Stacy Rubinger joins them.



Josh and Marc Lipman, treasurer, toast the crowd.



Josh and Mark


Guess who?


We were so happy that Whitney got to see the people she grew up with.


Edyce with Eliot


Natalya and Yuri.


All the photos below are our good neighbors.

Chef Fredrick meet chef Michel.



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