Technology Not Working 

I worked on this post for two hours last night. No matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t upload the photos I wanted to post. This happened the other day as well. I will try to cure this today, but I am at the mercy of others.

I received a quick notice that said I was at my capacity and had to free up some storage space. I’m not sure if that quick message on my iPhone was referring to my camera roll or the number of pictures I used in WordPress, the app for DigiDame. 
The thought of removing old posts so I can post new ones bothers me. I want everything archived. It can’t be that. I have over 1000 photos on my iPhone but they post to Facebook without any problem.

I use the iPhone for most of my work. I now may be forced to use my laptop to post DigiDame. Ugh.

It’s now 5:38am. I just tried again. No luck. I will hunt for some younger person to help me. Getting older, makes us so vulnerable. Double Ugh! 




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