The Great Escape 

In my estimation, the reason why Halloween is so popular is because it gives people the opportunity to dress up as someone else. It’s fun to see their choices.

Gadgets were everywhere tonight


We were on Lincoln Road tonight with a group of friends. We had dinner and watched the parade of characters walk by.  

Photos by Eliot Hess 




We took these photos before we left for the  evening.  
Mary, Whitney’s babysitter, emailed us her getup from Denver. 


4 thoughts on “The Great Escape 

  1. Halloween on South Beach, certainly one of the best! Thanks for sharing with us, sorry we missed it…still in VT but hope to see you soon. We enjoy and file every blog, have learned SO much from DigiDame. Thank you Lois for the information and service you provide all of us, you’re the best!

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