Williams Lucena Holiday Party 

Meet Whiskey Blue, a miniature poodle. The six-week old puppy belongs to Jenn and Scott Greenberg, fifth picture below. It’s now 1:32am. I am just returning from my friend’s holiday party. Williams Lucena, the host, is the fourth picture down. The party started at 8pm and everyone was engaged in so much conversation that we didn’t realize it was the wee hours of the morning. I’m too bushed to write about digital stuff. Thank you Williams for a perfect party. You cooked for two days and we all loved every bit of it. You had the best party. Thank you! 

Ruth Greenberg. to my left, Whiskey’s grandma and Myra Greenberg.


Whiskey is waving


Eliot, Steve Greenberg, and Howard Greenberg


Williams Lucena with Milegro


Jenn and Scott Greenberg


My two pals to the right, Marco and Carlos Alayon


Nito, Todd and Mike


Mark, Kim and Eliot


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