First Sign Of Old Age

Stop worrying about your wrinkles, gray hair, and dark spots. That’s not giving away your age. It’s your politically incorrect emails that’s making you look like a dinosaur. 

For heaven’s sake, stop copying everyone’s email  in the carbon copy (cc:) line of an email. It’s not your place to reveal someone else’s email. I can’t begin to tell you how many emails of celebrities, politicians, and  business people I have collected because of exposed names like the one below.

The proper way to send a mass distribution email is to use the bcc: line which stands for blind copy. Put all of the names on that line where everyone is protected. Your message will get sent out to all of the targeted parties while your their identities stay private. 

Welcome to the civilized world of emails where “everyone doesn’t have to know your name.” 


2 thoughts on “First Sign Of Old Age

  1. Thank you. I’ve been nagging about this for years… esp. when evil people (sometimes ones on the CC list) can harvest and abuse the info. (And it’s a reason I have SO MANY extra email accounts that have become receptacles for crap + PR assaults )

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