I Can’t Explain Why……

I saw these posters on social media several times this week and wanted to share them with you because many seniors have trouble sleeping. Over the years, several friends told me they got a better night’s sleep if they felt like they had a security blanket on them. Check with your doctor. It works for me. 

These posters were captured off of a slide show. If I can find the source, I will let you know. Weighted blankets are sort of like chicken soup. It works wonders for some. 

1 thought on “I Can’t Explain Why……

  1. For many years a friend of mine has been telling me about a longtime friend that comes to visit her and needs to have many blankets on top of her when she sleeps. We always laugh about it and think that she is crazy. For all of these years we can’t understand how she can sleep with all of these blankets on top of her but now the mystery is solved. I am just the opposite; can’t stand all of that weight on top of me besides being too hot. Most of the time time I just sleep with a sheet and turn the comforter down. Thank you Lois for solving our mystery!!

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