Amazon Hits A Billion Units For Holidays 

The sales reports are in. Amazon had its best season yet.  Five times better than last year. The online retailer shipped over 1 billion items for the holidays. Echo devices were the most popular. Prime customers dominated the sales records .

Amazon claims they couldn’t keep Echo devices in stock. Americans will be yelling “Alexa” more than “mommy” or “daddy” over the next year or so, according to Amazon. December 23 was the biggest day for Prime customers. Amazon also figured out that Americans were purchasing approximately 46 electronics per second on their mobile device on Cyber Monday.  Woohoo! 

Retail is surely changing. 

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My favorite movies, in the order that I love them

2 thoughts on “Amazon Hits A Billion Units For Holidays 

  1. Haven’t seen Lion yet but will this weekend. Went to see Manchester By The Sea Sunday and loved it. When Casey Affleck was walking home from the store I cried through the rest of the film. I found it extremely emotional (most that I know who saw it didn’t) and my heart broke for him. Extremely well done and acted. Lion, Moonlight and Fences next! There has not been much to see for months and now there are wonderful films.

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