Marsha Makes It Work 

Marsha Levine, (C) dining with us at last night at Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami Beach, Fl. We sat at our favorite table, served by our favorite waiter, and indulged in our favorite Joe’s meal of stone crabs.

This is our friend, Marsha Levine, from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We met Marsha because she frequents Miami Beach for several weeks, or sometimes for several months, every winter to warm up. We share good, mutual friends. 

I have admired Marsha ever since we first met because she lives life on her own terms. Every year she has several new missions to achieve, traveling to new exotic places plus taking several courses to learn different languages. She does this mostly on her own. Even though she is in a loving, committed relationship, her partner has other obligations and can’t venture out as much. 

I wanted to interview Marsha to find out what makes her tick.  Unlike many of us, who get set in our ways as we get older, Marsha keeps trying new things. She is to be admired because she keeps living life like she is ageless. Her bucket list keeps getting longer and longer. A good lesson for all of us. 

Please listen to her interview. It’s inspiring. 

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