This is the list for our yahrzeit memorial candles. Please let us know if we missed anyone. This is very important to us. We think of these special people all the time. Thank you 

Ruth and Willie Schneider

Rhoda and Milton Hess

Jerry Hess

Kenny Hess

Sarah and Max Schneider

Elsie and Jacob Yabkowitz

Sophie and Nathan Hess

Lillian and George Kaplan

Dotty and Ruby Young

Esther and Effie Young 

Barbara and Lenny Weinberger

Roz and Mel Schneider

Ruth and Henry Jacobs

Helen and Jack Cohen

Laurie, Larry and Lewis Cohen

Miriam and Irv Kaplan

Julie Berens 

Esta and Willie Hess

Scott Hess

Ruth and David Gottlieb 

Linda Berk Sklaw

Rene Berk 

Lillian and Jack Richer

Jill and Sam Strauss

Richard and Devon Strauss

S.David Feir

Manning Greenberg

Aaron Neretin and Karen Fisher

Linda Goldstein  

Len Marks

John Hollands

Art Levis

Andrew Sager

Stan Weston

Teddy Baum

Lynn Barnard 

Eddie Guskind

John Davis

Xavier Poretzky 

Billy Horn

Richard Selby

Ken Furst

Gucci, Blondie, Coco, Bixby,

Goldie, Robbie, Jeffrey Jacobson

Miriam and Harry Katz

Harold Marx

Irv Shaw

Esther and Freddie Krieger

Dottie and Seidman

Dora & Irving Fenster

Anne & Jack Mark

Steve Jobs

Stella Austi 

Migel Elias

Jeff Fiella

Bruce Alpert

Andrew Scott

Jane and Warren Zorek

Jerry Kalov

Harry and Morris Franco 

Artie Bach

Ronnie and Murray Singer

Jack Wayman

Linda Foa

Cathy Davis

Lissa Smith 

Martha Dickey

Arthur Cleveland 

Eli and Saul Ashkenazi

Lee Schwartz 

Ethel Kaye

Diane and Karen Rothman

1 thought on “Memorial  

  1. Thank you for including my parents. May all our loved ones be resting in peace. I think of Diane Rothman and her daughter Karen as well.

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