New Uber Lounges 

Everytime I call for an Uber, or a Lyft, I always wonder if the driver is really going to find me. Nine times out of 10 they do, but it still concerns me all the time.

Uber has come up with a solution but I’m not sure they did it for my purposes. The transportation company has announced the “Uber Lounge,” a physical pick-up and drop-off seating area. Some locations will even have a host or hostess who will act as brand ambassadors.

The new concept is in partnership with Westfield shopping centers. Uber is looking for other partners as well because they really want to use these lounge areas as branding opportunities.

The new lounges are in all 33 of Westfield’s shopping centers in the U.S., starting with Century City in Los Angeles. They will feature  ultra-modern design, sleek seating, and other amenities yet to be named.

Word has it that other car services, including Lyft, all plan to establish their own type of seating area locations. 

The competition is really getting wild.

3 thoughts on “New Uber Lounges 

  1. Sounds like higher prices to me. These companies with the exception of VIA, the shared rides, are pricing themselves out of the ball park. A few weeks ago I was visiting my cousin in TriBeCa. When I was ready to go home to East 62nd Street my cousin’s husband got his phone to get an Uber for me. We all could not believe the fares on Uber and Lyft. At least $50 and up. So he used CURB that was $30. I would have used VIA but he didn’t want to walk 2 blocks with me to get it because it was late.

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