The World We Live In


I feel like I am living in the twilight zone. I can’t believe a news story that I saw on NBC last night. Parents are being encouraged to buy their children bullet resistant backpacks.

I was horrified. The message I got from this news segment was that we, as a society, have accepted massive gun attacks as an everyday occurrence. Instead of trying to protect our children with bullet-proof clothing, why aren’t we taking guns away from the majority of Americans who don’t need them. I know you have heard this plea from many other folks before. 

Florida Christian School, a private, nondenominational in Miami-Dade school (preschool to high school) has started offering parents the opportunity to buy a $120 piece of ballistic armor to turn students’ backpacks into potential lifesavers.

I think everyone has gone nuts. It has gotten so bad, I don’t want to go to concerts, special events, sporting activities, and malls. Maybe big event venues should consider bullet proof vests for all visitors?

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