An Evening With Michele Oka Doner

Me with Michele

The minute Eliot and I got a notice from the Perez Art Museum Miami, better known as PAMM, that artist and author Michele Oka Doner, was going to be interviewed by curator René Morales, we knew we had to attend. 

We did, and we just got home.

We wanted to meet her. Oka Doner was commissioned by our condo board, in South Beach, to redesign the massive floor in our lobby. She is internationally known for her numerous public art commissions, including the “Radiant Site”, at New York’s Herald Square Subway and “A Walk on the Beach” at the Miami International Airport.

Oka Doner’s work is inspired by her passion and appreciation of the natural world. Her new book, “Intuitive Alphabet,” is all about the insights into the way language has evolved over the years.. It’s really fascinating. The books are for adults, and for adults to share with children. 

How beautiful is that?  

Michele Oka Doner being interviewed by curator René Morales

Oka Doner signing books.

Some folks bought six copies each for holiday gifts.

Oka Donor was happy to see so many people loving art.

At 73, there are no signs of her stopping.

She has a formula that works.

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