CES Highlights

I’m at a Lenny Kravitz and Sheryl Crow concert in the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, when I should be writing my blog post. I’m going to write a few sentences and then publish this copy so I don’t miss the 3am East Coast deadline. Then when I get back to my room, I will finish today’s entry. Be sure to read the entire post. Some wacky stuff going on.

Tonight’s concert was sponsored by Harman International, a major electronics manufacturer which was recently purchased by Samsung. My friend Steve Greenberg was invited by Harman so he asked me to join him. Both Sheryl and Lenny were terrific. This was a standing room only concert so Steve and I shoved our way to the front. Most of the audience was somewhat drunk because beer and other alcohol were free.

One guy from Indiegogo was standing next to me and wouldn’t shut up when Sheryl was singing. I decided to post his photo here just in case someone who knows him sees it.He kept introducing himself to others.”I’m Rob from Indiegogo.” I felt like saying “Be quiet Rob and listen to the concert.”

I’m doing it here and that’s good enough.

Does anyone know who this guy is? He didn’t stop talking all night.

Thank you Steve Greenberg. It was a great night.

By now, many of you heard that there was a blackout at the Las Vegas Convention Center yesterday during the prime time show hours. The official word was that heavy rain caused the outage, which lasted about two hours. I arrived at the convention center just as the lights went back on. No one was hurt and it gave the press something to write about.

One of the craziest things I saw today was from Samsung. The company was demonstrating its virtual reality cameras by tossing people upside down crazy contraptions. I was getting sick to my stomach just watching the Flying Dino.


I will tell you about some new innovative products tomorrow.

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