Lost And Found.

I know that I promised more innovative gadgets for this post today, but I had a gut- wrenching experience last night that I am still recovering from. I stupidly left my laptop and iPad on the shuttle train from the American Airlines terminal in the Las Vegas airport to the gates. I was with my good friend, TV personality, Steve Greenberg, who witnessed my meltdown when I realized my huge mistake.

David Pickett

I started screaming. I couldn’t believe how irresponsible and distraught I was. Like you, I have my entire life on those machines. I also had two amazing projects coming up and all of my files that I need for the next few weeks were now taken away from me. Yes, everything was backed up but my personal access tools were gone.

Steve watched me completely freak out. In my moment of despair, Steve knew he had to be the sensible one. I followed him as we rode and checked several trains. My moans were so loud that folks around us were trying to calm me down. One charming woman, with a very spiritual look, approached me on the train and said a few words of positive inspiration. I knew all along that losing my laptop and iPad was not tragic, but nevertheless I felt out-of-control.

I thanked her and then left the train to run back with Steve to the security checkpoints to let airport staff know that I probably left my laptop and iPad on the train. Everyone was very nice, but one security guard came forward to help us. He spoke into his mic on his shoulder which communicated with all airport personnel. He informed them of my situation and told everyone I was heading home to Miami from Gate 11.

We thanked him, and for the second time, headed for the gates. We were on an escalator taking us to the second level, when a voice came over the public address system announcing that a laptop computer was found and it was being delivered to Gate 11. I screamed for joy, and then witnessed the people on the escalator below us cheering with big smiles on their faces.

Steve and I dashed to the gate where we found the ticket agent holding my computer bag in the air as if it was a relief food box for a starving victim.. He then pointed out the man who found the case, far off in the distance. There were too many people in the way for me to identify which one he was, but Steve and I ran after him anyway after we retrieved the equipment.

We passed a few gates when we saw the security guard we first spoke to coming towards us. He wanted to be sure that I got everything returned to me. That was so nice and I appreciated it. I quickly hugged him when he he suddenly said, “and there is the man who found your bag.” I turned around and there was the complete stranger who went out of his way for me.

He turned out to be David Pickett of Jacksonville, Florida, a long time consumer electronics executive associated with TDK. He hopped on the same train we were on to get to the gates and noticed my bag which I left behind. He said he spent the next 15 minutes carrying around my computer bag until he found the proper airport agent who he felt was trustworthy. The four of us stayed with each other for a few minutes to reflect on the joyous outcome.

David then joined Steve and I in the Centurion Club where we waited for our flights. While Steve did work for an hour, I spent time with David thanking him for his good deed. We compared careers in the CE business and found out that we knew a few of the same people. We both shared what we were currently working on, and now we may collaborate on some projects together.

Even while we were talking, my brain was still focused on the events that took place earlier. I was very lucky that Steve led the way to look for my computer, and a honest stranger found it.

I felt so fortunate. Thank you.

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