MoviePass and the AMC Theatres Chain Kaput

MoviePass and the AMC Theatres chain are going their separate ways.

I was surprised to learn that MoviePass is no longer working with the AMC Empire 25 in New York, Universal City Walk near Los Angeles, and the AMC Loews Boston Common.

I heard about the split from friends who use the subscription service. The MoviePass app is associated with 4,000 theaters in the United States for one low monthly fee.

MoviePass said that the list of participating theaters is subject to change, and MoviePass customers should consult the mobile app for updates to that list.

AMC didn’t feel that they could produce enough income to provide filmmakers with sufficient incentive to make great new movies.

Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend with other movie theaters.

Remember these…….

Thank you Barbara O’Connell for these fabulous memories.

3 thoughts on “MoviePass and the AMC Theatres Chain Kaput

  1. Lois, the AMC theaters in NYC have $5 movie night every Tuesday for the next few months. There are quite a few of them in Manhattan. This past Tuesday I saw Three Billboards, that I loved, at their theater on Broadway and 19th Street for $5. You can sign up on line,no cost, or do it right at the box office. It’s a great deal. Next Tuesday I’m going to see Ladybird there for $5. I was told at the box office that all of their theaters are offering the $5 night.

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