Amazon’s Giant Spheres, A Mini Rainforest

Photos from Bloomberg Technology

I have seen some amazing work spaces in my time but this takes the cake. Amazon has just opened a new rainforest type office that is available to all of its 40,000 employees in Seattle. Amazon employs 541,900 people in total.

Called “Spheres,” the three dome structures costs $4 billion to build. I had to check out that dollar figure several times because I couldn’t believe that a company would spend that much money for employee comfort, but I was wrong.

According to Bloomberg Technology, that figure paid for a miniature rainforest planted inside. The rainforest features 40,000 plants from 400 species that are curated from around the world. Amazon employees are encouraged to hold meetings at “Spheres,” or just chill. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, believes his new establishment, will spur great creativity.

Promise me you will watch the above video. It’s certainly a destination we should all visit, if they will let us in.

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