Google Clips Is Here, Almost

Images: Google

I think I might put my name on the wait list for the new Google Clips camera. I wrote about Clips last October 5, and now it’s available. Google received so many orders they had to create a “wait” list.

Google Clips is a tiny camera with artificial intelligence that takes pictures when it sees something interesting. You don’t take pictures, the cameras does.

Click here for details and please watch the video. It’s so much fun.

The camera costs $249.00. Clips is being marketed to parents and pet owners. Its AI is programmed to recognize familiar faces. You can finally take a selfie from a distance.

Once a bunch of photos have been taken, you can view them on a companion app. Delete anything you don’t like. Save the goods ones on your camera roll. Don’t worry about someone else invading your privacy. You turn it on or off. The photos stay on the camera, not the cloud.

The camera has a 130-degree field of view and takes video at 15 frames per second. It has 15GB of internal storage.

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