It’s About The Children

It’s not about whether you are politically red or blue. It’s about the freedom of children going to school in the United States without getting shot. I also worry about all of us every time we enter crowds at the malls, movie theaters, concerts, airline terminals, parks, festivals, playgrounds, sporting events, and nightclubs.

We can’t live like this. Eliot and I are thrilled that the younger folks are making their voices heard for getting better gun controls. They are going to vote out the politicians who turn their backs on them.

Too many seniors discredit the millennials and Gen X generations as being lazy and privileged. They forget what they were like at their age. Today’s youngsters are a whole different breed. They are not as naive as we were. They are not going to respect us just because we are older. They will respect us if they see us making an effort to be progressive in our thinking and our activities. It’s not our future, it’s theirs.

Bill Maher had an excellent conversation with David Hogg and Cameron Caskey, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida the other night. He said, “thank you. I really thought your generation was stupid. You have given me great faith in your ambition and strength.”

Please watch the video. You will begin to believe in the future. I recorded the video off the broadcast. I zeroed in on the important content. It’s not a great recording, but the message is so important.

Let’s make our senior voices heard March 24th. Find a local march.

3 thoughts on “It’s About The Children

  1. My granddaughter Leah was one of the children in the closet listening to anilalation of her
    Friends, so far 6 shivas. The New York Times interviewed her on Wednesday, Leah Ronkin. On the phone with her mum watching channel seven Miami I thought I would faint
    From not knowing we’re she was.

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