Beware Of ……

The following story is to make you aware of two things not to do, ever, ever, ever.

1-If you need to call for help for any appliance or system you have in your home, do not look for the company’s phone number on Google. Get the number on the company’s website. There are phony companies that have themselves listed on Google so they can attack your personal information for their financial gain.

2-If anyone you dial for help ever asks you, “Can you hear me,” don’t answer “yes.” It’s a scam to record your voice saying “yes.” The person on the other end of the call will ask you the same   question several times just to get you to say “yes.” The scammers will then sell your voice saying “yes” to other companies for their financial rewards.

I think I spelled that out very well so you can now avoid some major trouble.

Let me tell you what happened to a friend of mine.

The pretty tech savvy guy recently bought a printer from a major manufacturer called Brother. He had trouble connecting the printer to his Apple computer so he Googled “Brother service.” He called the number listed  and a person identifying himself as a Brother representative answered the call.

My pal explained his situation and the so called service person acknowledged that Brother was having problems with their printers. He said in order to fix it he would have to remotely go into his computer and make several adjustments.

My friend agreed. The minute the phony service guy had access to his computer he was asking questions that just seemed odd. Then when he asked my friend, “Can you hear me,” more than once, my pal realized exactly what was going on, and quickly hung up.

My friend then went to the Brother website and found the service number the company posted. A real service representative told him that Brother, and many other companies, were having the same phony representation problems.

My pal was warned to watch his phone and bank records diligently because personal information could have been copied off of his computer. He was also told to immediately go to the Apple store to get his computer cleared of any viruses that might have been downloaded into his laptop.

Do not let any service company that you don’t know gain access to your computer. My tech guy at HWH PR logs on to my computer from time to time to fix some complicated mess I created for myself. However, I would never give anyone I don’t know the opportunity to copy my personal information.

Don’t look for trouble. Trouble will find you.

4 thoughts on “Beware Of ……

  1. Thank Lois that is a really great piece of advise.
    This is a scam I knew nothing about.
    Great Public Service.
    Thanks again

  2. You are spot on. I recently went on the HP “help” line from Google and had someone from India try to get me to open my computer to “have a look”. After a few minutes I got suspicious when he wanted me to disable my antivirus software and I terminated the call. He tried to call back throughout the day trying to re engage. I had my IT person come in and go over my computer to be sure I wasn’t hacked

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