Finding Meaning and Happiness in Old Age

Jane Brody

I just finished reading an essay about how to feel good about your age in your senior years. Jane Brody, the long-term writer of Personal Health, in the New York Times, wrote the piece. It’s very worth your time.

She talks about two books she recently read and then said, “I have a new way of looking at myself: as a ‘good-enough aging adult who continues to pursue and enjoy a variety of activities commensurate with the limitations imposed by inevitable changes in body and mind that accrue with advancing years.” It’s a must read. Click here.

President Jimmy Carter lives life to the fullest at 94. This interview with Stephen Colbert shows us attitude is so important. Fabulous.

Isabella Rossellini details how it was to lose her Lancôme contract at 43, and then regain it at 65. Great inspiration.

I could never do a blog post without showing off Lyn.

2 thoughts on “Finding Meaning and Happiness in Old Age

  1. Wonderful perspectives in Ms Brody’s essay. It should be mandatory reading for those who support “mandatory retirement” for physicians over 65. To waist a lifetime of medical insight and pursuit of health care would be a terrible tragedy. Better to teach physicians to cope with any infirmities they acquire and limit their practice accordingly than to toss out a lifetime of skills.

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