A Cool Way To Get Around

If you always wanted to drive a motorcycle, say hello to the Arcimoto, the first fun utility vehicle. It was recently introduced at the New York International Auto Show. Many of the tech publications gave the Arcimoto a good review.

It garnered most of the attention at the show.The Arcimoto is a three-wheeled electric car priced at $12,000. It’s set up like a motorcycle, but can be driven with a regular driver’s license in most states.

Take a close look. Handlebars replace the steering wheel, the front brake is on the right handlebar, and a rear brake on the floor. The Arcimoto has a single windshield wiper, a defroster, a hand parking brake, and seat heaters. The base-level battery has a range of 70 miles.

That’s enough to go from NYC to the beginning of the Hamptons. I wonder how many Arcimotos we will see on the road.

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