Arrived in Quito, Ecuador

We are traveling with Rene and Howard. They arranged the entire trip. We opted in. First stop Quito, then the Galapagos. This trip is going to be very adventurous. We are at 9,000 feet above sea level in Quito, and the four of us don’t feel a thing. So far, so good. We hope we do as well on the boat taking us from island to island, in the Galapagos, which we fly to on Thursday.

Today was a fun day. We did what every tourist does on the first day in a new city, eat, shop, and take photos. I did a little damage at the market at Otavalo. These are the vendors I made rich.

The following photos are dedicated to my friend Bob Risse who taught me to appreciate the entrances (doors) to homes, offices and retail shops around the world. Rich or poor. many folks place emphasis on curb appeal. The following are the doors I found in Otavalo.

The view from our room in Quito.

Peacocks in love

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