Visiting The Center Of The World

Look at us. It’s Howard, me, Rene, and Eliot at the Equator. We really had a lot of fun experiencing this milestone. Tomorrow we are leaving for the Galapagos. We may not have Internet on the boat starting tomorrow, through Monday morning. It will probably be very spotty. If anyone can manage to get on, it will be me. This might be the first time in almost six years that you will not be getting a daily DigiDame. Enjoy your vacation.

This is the Intiñan Museum in Quito. The museum studies the equatorial zone from a scientific point of view. It explores the sociological, political, cultural and communal aspects of the people living in what is often referred to as the Center of the World. The Intiñan Museum has developed into an attraction that is both entertaining and educational.

The museum features a number of interactive exhibits demonstrating events that occur only on the equator. These include the complex Coriolis Effect, as well as simple, but effective and entertaining, demonstrations such as water going down a drain with no whirlpool,

Watch my video which demonstrates the water pouring straight down on the equator, clockwise on the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise on the Southern Hemisphere.

Watch us try to walk down on a straight line directly on the equator. It was impossible. Each hemisphere was pulling us at the same time.

We got our passports stamped in the center of the world. That was very special.

Till next time.

5 thoughts on “Visiting The Center Of The World

  1. Can’t believe you agreed to a trip with no wifi. Hope to see lots of pictures and posts when you can. Will miss my morning Digidame.

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