Me And The Galapagos

For a city girl who has had little exposure to nature, this trip was an eye opener. Of course, I have been exposed to other national parks, museums and zoos. I also watch nature shows on TV and in the movies, visited farms, ranches, and read National Geographic and travel magazines.

This was different. Hanging out with Naturalists for a week, and spending time with bird watchers, hikers, wildlife lovers and people who truly care about the Earth, was refreshing and inspiring. I should have done this decades ago.

People in their 50’s to late 70’s came from all over the world to make this trip. We made friends from South Africa, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Seattle, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. It was amazing for me to see women my age easily hiking over the giant boulders and lava rocks. Younger folks wore flip flops. I needed a walking stick and Eliot’s arm not to break my neck.

Suddenly, I realized what I missed out on and what I can’t do on my own. My girl friend Marcia recommended Yoga for better balancing techniques and stronger physical capabilities. Whitney gifted us a series two years ago. We loved it but stopped for a number of meaningless reasons. There is too much living to do. Yoga here we come. We strongly recommend this trip to anyone who really wants to feel close to the Earth and examine how they actually fit in.

Turtle poop.

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