The New, New York City

I had no idea what has been happening to NYC. Whitney and Fredrick took Eliot, Steve and I on a ferry ride on the East River to see all of the skyscrapers that are being built on Brooklyn and Manhattan’s waterway. It looked like the skyline of Miami Beach. Tall glass high rises everywhere with beach restaurants, sand, pools, event spaces (one even had a carousel. The space was being used for a wedding when we passed by) and sports areas. The ferries are commuter boats so you can go on-and-off for the price of a subway ride.

What a spectacular day. We started off with Bonnie at Freds at Barneys. The gift she gave Eliot was a riot, underpants with an inscription. We all ate too much. Vera Wang was there too. She was wearing shoes that were so high, she looked like she was standing on stilts. This may be the next fashion trend.

Photos by Steve Greenberg

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