The Power Of Music

This YouTube video is just a day old and five million people have already viewed it. You must stop what you are doing, and watch it too. It will make you laugh and cry. The combination of Paul McCartney with James Corden in Carpool Karaoke is just perfect.

I think the reason why this video is such big news is because Paul gave James a tour of his hometown in Liverpool. Once the word got out that Paul was visiting his old neighborhood, everyone on the street where he lived, and the streets in the surrounding areas, came out to see one of the greatest entertainers in the world.

James was so overwhelmed by the experience, he started to cry when he and Paul were driving from location to location. I will never forget Paul’s reaction. He turned to James and said, “The power of music.”

Paul made reference to the fact that music is what brings people together. “And the world needs that now more than ever.” When Paul said that I started to tear up. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was more love in the world?

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