A New Digital Approach For Hurricane Protection

This is the time of year when the people of Miami start thinking about hurricanes all the time. We never know what to expect. Many folks take this subject very seriously. They start stocking up on supplies, dry dock their boats, tie down their outdoor furniture, and prepare wood for boarding up windows. Being proactive makes many people feel like they are warding off the worst possible storm. We hope it’s not all in vain. No one really knows.

The National Weather Service is really trying to become a better resource for hurricane information. They hope their newly-designed website, weather.gov, will provide the public with more accurate information in a timely fashion. The navigation should be much easier to use.

The major change this year is that the new website details what to expect city by city, and block by block. That means local residents will be able to zero in on wind arrival times and storm surge predictions. The Center also works with local meteorologists to better understand weather challenges in each neighborhood.

We all hope this will be an uneventful hurricane season. I’m glad to see a better digital effort to keep us all safe. Miami is not the only city at risk. We have all seen destruction everywhere. Information is king. Take advantage of it.

The Miami Herald has more detailed information on this subject. Click below.


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