It’s Been One Of Those Weeks

Image: The New York Times

The following story in the New York Times really has nothing to do with the digital world, art, or travel. It’s more about our age group and life in general.

We never know what to expect. I’m not complaining, but the highs and lows of the world we live in has me exasperated and very emotional. I’m not going to get into the insane challenges I’m dealing with on the job. That is to be expected. It’s the other stuff that gets to me. The shootings, the bullying, the insults, and the beatings, are just so aggravating. I pray for peace all the time.

I guess I was in a funky mood when I read the love story this morning. It was most unusual. I immediately wanted to share it with you because it’s about love, marriage, compromises and end of life decisions. I found it to be very real and very insightful. Not every family is the same, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate each other.

Click here for a good laugh, and for a good cry.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been One Of Those Weeks

  1. Well, Lois, I did both…but, when it comes to duration, I guess the crying won. We don’t know what problems will be presented at the end of a partner’s life, or what our solution will be. A poignant story, so well said!

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