Phone Home

I used to love coming home just to ask, “Did anyone call?” That was before cell phones. Now you know the answer because all of your calls go directly to your individual cell phones.

Even though everyone we know has a cell phone, the landline is still very much alive and well. The Wall Street Journal just reported that 44% of all households still own traditional at-home phones. This is a high number considering most people complain that they get way too many solicitations on their phones at home. They find it annoying to keep answering calls from commercial enterprises or people running for political office.

We still have a landline, with many extensions, because we just can’t depend on cell service. We get a lot of interruptions, or the calls just drop. That doesn’t work well when we are on business calls, or we need to have serious conversations.

It’s amazing to learn how many areas around the United States don’t have decent cell service. The Hamptons and Silicon Valley are notorious for poor service. We also can’t forget about emergencies like hurricanes, snowstorms, mudslides, earthquakes, floods, and fires. It’s always good to have a backup.

The Wall Street Journal has more to say about this subject. Click here.

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