The Boy Toy Tycoon

You probably never heard of the six year old boy who has attracted billions and billions of eyeballs on YouTube. He is simply known as Ryan because he is so young. His YouTube channel is called Ryan ToysReview and children love to watch him play with toys and review them.

Ask your children, or grandchildren, if they know Ryan. You can tell them the big news. Ryan just accomplished another great feat. Walmart has just given Ryan his own toy line. He is now known as the Boy Toy Tycoon.

The Ryan’s World toys will be sold exclusively at more than 2,500 Walmart stores in the United States and on the website.

Ryan is a social media wonderment.

1 thought on “The Boy Toy Tycoon

  1. Ryan is not the first, and won’t be the last. As children become more and more adept at using computers, and social media, they will be the center of more and more attention for their creativity and audacity at developing new ways of looking at almost anything. What is a little frightening, is the idea that this is good for them. NOT! Children need to be able to grow and be creative out of the limelight. Now Ryan will be so busy being an entrepreneur that he won’t be able to just be a boy, having fun and being creative!

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