Netflix, Etc.

The four of us are all from Hollis, Queens where Jay’s Diner on Hillside Avenue and Francis Lewis Blvd was ground zero for big dreams and big ideas. Say hello to Run-DMC, one of the world’s greatest hip-hop groups, and Lois Schneider Whitman-Hess who refuses to give up. Photo by Eliot Hess, Belfast, Ireland.

The thing that you love most about Netflix is about to change. Get ready. There is a good chance that you might start to see ads between shows. Netflix is testing it out, but it just may be the start of annoying commercial interruptions. The official statement from Netflix is “We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster.” Netflix claims viewers will be able to skip ads for other shows. If you are really upset by this news, you can read more about this on CNBC. Click here.

I am trying to get some momentum on a social media campaign. If you are a Twitter user, I would appreciate your participation. No obligation.

Should this gorgeous hunk be given another chance? Please click below to watch the video. We are looking for some clever responses on Twitter. Please post #Waterpiklovesyou

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