Did This Ever Happen To You?

I am writing this so late I have no idea if this post will reach you. I was going to take another day off, but I woke up just before the DigiDame distribution deadline of 3am. I went to sleep very early, and now will probably be up for an hour or two.

That’s okay. I feel very refreshed. I loved this segment of Million Dollar Listing New York because one of the lead real estate brokers, Fredrik Eklund, meets one of his mentors, real estate developer Larry Silverstein, developer of the World Trade Center, (Twin Towers) and now the developer of the rebirth of the entire Ground Zero area.

I can clearly remember meeting some of my tech heroes early on, and being thrilled to know them so I could carry their inspiration with me every work day. Lucky for me, I had quite a few, so I could rotate them as needed. I’m not sure why at this point, in my senior career, it still thrills me. It’s always great to be surrounded by people that give you hopes and dreams, even in retirement. In my opinion, positive energy, keeps many ailments at bay.

I can hope, can’t I?

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