Thank You For 52 Years

Today marks 52 years that I started working. I like to celebrate the day because not everyone can remember their first day of work. Mine was very exciting.

I opened the door to the city room of WWD and HFD and my whole world changed. I went from living in an environment of all Jewish middle class families, to one of the most diversified group of people anyone can hope to meet at one given time.

I consider myself very fortunate that I continue to work with people from all backgrounds so life, never gets boring. There are new surprises all the time. The same thing happens when you travel. You meet people who live different types of lives, yet you find a common ground that bonds you.

A case in point is a young couple, from a suburb of Austin, Texas, that we met on our tour in Ireland. Ari and Brandon were 40 years our junior, yet we had enough in common to keep our conversations going for almost two weeks. We took photos of each other, at this public art sculpture, because we all knew that one day we would want to say “Thank you” for something. This photo would come in very handy.

Today is my day. Thank you September 9th. I hope to see many more of you.

2 thoughts on “Thank You For 52 Years

  1. My first job was at the Edmonton Journal, at the age of seventeen. I walked into the personnel department of the big city paper, thinking they would hire me on the spot, because I was so good at writing. Hmmm, I guess they liked my spunk, because before I knew it, I was given headphones and a desk and was instructed in how to write classified ads. After a few weeks of that, with no hope of a real writing job, I quit, and went on to the Hudson’s Bay, to sell womens’ clothing. Not much better, but at least I was able to try on some really terrific clothes!

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