Kodak’s Point, Shoot and Print Instantly Camera That Also Syncs With Your Smartphone

I guess we are back to the future in picture taking. Many of the young techies are talking about the KODAK Mini Shot Instant Camera because it is so versatile. It allows you to print color photos from the Kodak unit as well as from your smartphone. That’s a first.

Before you do, make sure you use the color controls, filter effects and Bluetooth™ options. I could go on and on about this new introduction but Amazon created a list to explain the camera.

Key Features:

• 10-megapixel camera

• 1.7” LCD viewfinder

• Auto focus, exposure, white balance and gamma correction

• All-in-one ink and paper cartridge

• 2.1” x 3.4” (credit card size) prints

• Normal and border printing

• High-quality water resistant, fingerprint-resistant photo prints

• Bluetooth connectivity

• KODAK Mini Shot App for adding filters and effects

Bluetooth Connectivity

iOS or Android devices

Send pictures to your device to edit/share.

Send pictures from your device to print instantly.

Use the Free KODAK Mini Shot App for cropping, adding fun filters and effects or even a remote shutter to get in that group shot.

• Use the viewfinder to focus on your perfect shot

• Press the shutter button to capture and view images on the screen

• Print a full color photo in just 50 seconds, with up to 20 prints on a single charge

• Connect to your iOS or Android device to share on social media and edit on the Kodak app!

All this for $119.

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