Unlikely Influencers


NBC Nightly News got it right last night when they showed off a group of “unlikely social media influencers.” These women are fashionistas in their senior years and they plan to set trends and show the world that age doesn’t define them.

Many seniors from the Miami area showed up at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts Sunday night for a Queen concert. I watched 70-plus people become teenagers once again right before my eyes. Music lovers know no age.

3 thoughts on “Unlikely Influencers

  1. Lois I loved these two stories. Aging Baby Boomers still have so much life left in them, and can choose to be dull or trendy. You and Eliot are great examples of how to lead an interesting life and experience all that you can. Makes me want to up my game! I think I need a new wardrobe. No more shopping for appropriate “over 50” outfits. Great glasses, by the way. You are a real role model for us all!

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