Today Is Your Lucky Day

You may turn out to be the coolest person at your holiday gathering this year. You are about to hear an explanation of what “mixed reality” is in the simplest of terms. This is a work assignment for my client, Viewpointsystem in Vienna, Austria. Nils Berger, CEO of Viewpoint, does all the talking. I will be releasing this to the press next week. You are getting an exclusive preview.

When some of the young folks around your holiday table hear you explain this newest advancement in the world of technology, they are going to be very impressed. Instead of creating a long video filled with tons of information that you soon will forget, we produced six short segments that answer specific questions.

I copied this video format from my friend Ray Elman who produces the most fabulous interviews for his art magazine called Inspicio, a Florida University Magazine. Let me know how you like this Q and A technique, and if you learned anything.

What is the premise behind Viewpointsystem the VPS 19?

What is the VPS 19 and what does it do?

Explain three different applications for the VPS 19

Who do you think will be the first adopters and why?

How do you see the future of Mixed Reality?

What are the next generation products?

3 thoughts on “Today Is Your Lucky Day

  1. I “see” museum/gallery interactive exhibits as an application. We have a show coming in January, the first living Caddo Indian art show maybe ever. And we’ve been trying to think of how we can “show” the traditional Caddo grass hut that was build about 30 miles from here at a historic site. Hmmm…

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