Podcasts Are Turning Into Movies And TV Shows


I’m not sure you are aware of it, but many of the new TV shows you are watching were derived from podcasts. A podcast is a digital recording of music or the spoken word downloaded from the Internet to a portable player. The term originated from P.O.D meaning Portable On Demand and cast relating to the term broadcast.

This is a whole new resource for material for the small (TV) and large screen (movies). This is going to be interesting in the years ahead. Your child, your grandchild, or your neighbor next door, who has been producing a podcast, can easily become the next big star in Hollywood.

Some of the new shows are:


Alex, Inc.

2 Dope Queens

The Read

Streaming Now

Throwing Shade


Comedy Bang! Bang!

Be sure to watch the video for a full explanation.

Eliot has been shredding paper for days now. Another trip to the incinerator. Thank goodness for digital files.

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