Is Amazon Taking Over The World ?

Why are seniors grouchy about Amazon? In the last few days, I have heard a few people my age making negative comments about Amazon’s recent announcement to aggressively expand Whole Foods around the United States.

The food chain has 475 US stores in approximately over 60 cities today. They also want a Whole Foods in Idaho, southern Utah and Wyoming.

The basic idea is to make sure more Americans enroll in Prime Now so they can get the two-hour delivery time bring offered by Whole Foods.

Friends of mine who are loyal to Whole Foods feel their favorite food chain is being abused. Is it a specialty food store, not just another Amazon fulfillment center.

Personally, I don’t see the problem with Amazon double dipping. However, some seniors I spoke to, feel strongly that Amazon should not alter the Whole Foods concept. They don’t want to see any kind of storage and delivery concept mixed up with the place they go to for quality food. They fear the concept for lots of quality choices will be diluted.

Read about it in the Wall Street Journal.

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