See And Hear Glasses

Bose Smart Glasses

I just bought several new pairs of glasses after having cataract surgery on both of my eyes this past summer. I thought I was done with my purchases until I heard about the Bose Frames. I may want to buy the company’s first pair of sunglasses that incorporate wireless audio. If these smart glasses get great consumer acceptance, then the future fashion trend will be to wear wireless audio without covering your ears.

The Bose Frames are now available for $200. However Cherlynn Low, tech writer for Engadget, explains why you shouldn’t rush out to buy them.

Here’s a quick synopsis.


• Convenient hands-free wireless audio

• Can take phone calls

• Helpful Siri or Google Assistant integration

• Light


• No bass whatsoever

• Not loud enough

• Mediocre battery life

• AR and gesture navigation not yet live

Cherlynn explains her reasoning. “I’m fascinated by the idea of the Bose Frames. We’ve seen companies try to do open-ear headphones before — whether it’s AfterShokz with bone conduction or Sony with its Xperia Ear Duo earbuds. The benefit is that you can hear your music without your ears being blocked and therefore stay aware of surrounding sounds. But no one’s nailed the audio quality nor the design for such devices yet. And Bose is no different. I do think the Frames are a step in the right direction though. Bose has a compelling take on the technology that uses speakers and inverse audio instead of bone conduction.”

Be sure to watch the video. It’s very entertaining. Here is the Engadget post.

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