An Art Collector’s Home In Mexico City

We visited the home of Rodrigo Feliz, a well known art collector in Mexico City. As I stood in his stunning home, I couldn’t help but think that the last thing I would want was to build a wall that would separate me from all the wonderful people we met during the last few days. From the staff at the hotel, to patrons of the arts, most have been the kind of folks you would be lucky to get in any neighborhood.

Rodrigo was completely elegant. He was soft-spoken, yet very authoritative. You can tell that he is the type who has most details in his life well organized. That’s why his townhouse was impeccable, every detail well thought out. You almost wanted to move in and see what it was like to live in complete splendor.

This home was definitely high up on the list of the most magnificent places I have ever seen.

Inner courtyard

Best use of kitchen space

Every modern convenience

Room enough to be one of the main gathering places.

Second level of inner courtyard. It’s so much fun to see the continuation of your home from across the way.

Mediation point on the bottom of the courtyard.

Elegance and style

Birds that hang together


For a circle of friends

Custom made table top

Making a strong and independent statement

Standing out in the crowd

Describing every nook and cranny

A very expensive collage

For small conversations

Trees frame the front window

Rodrigo enjoying his company

The studio where all creativity takes place

Not meant to be framed

The amazing conversation piece

The lighting fixture that fills the entire bedroom

The courtyard from an upper level

The master bath

The master bedroom hallway

A custom soaking tub

Double sinks


Roof top paradise

Greenery everywhere

Pathways in the garden

Overhang for sun protection

Rooftop gardens are common in Mexico City

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