View-Master Movie

Your favorite toy from your childhood is about to become a movie. A reporter friend of mine said that Mattel is going to make a family adventure featuring the View-Master in the world of virtual reality. From what I understand, the turn and click device will be the gateway into worlds most of us have never seen. That’s all he would tell me.

In case you forgot, the View-Master is a stereoscopic eye device that shows 3D images. You can see landscapes, tourist destinations, movies and TV shows. All you had to do was push down the lever on the side of the device and then you got to see a new image.

The reason why Mattel is anxious to do the movie is because the company believes it will revive sales of the toy company.

I just found a Hollywood Reporter story that talks about this topic too. Click here.


Miami’s New Hotspot

If you visit Miami, make sure you go to the Vista restaurant. A special treat! Here we are with Ruth and Howard.

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