There Is A Reason Why Someone Is A Daredevil

I always wondered why my friend, Doug Garr, had the guts every month to jump out of an airplane. I sometimes would stare at him, and wonder, what makes him tick? He looks pretty normal, and never exhibits any daredevil tendencies. Why is he so different? Surprise, surprise! A blog for the company, 23andMe, a genetic service company, explained that Doug may have the right type of genetics that gives him the ability to take high risks.

The blog said that scientists, from the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (SSGAC), conducted a study that “identified 124 genetic variants associated with a person’s willingness to take risks.”

They were able to capture “the combined effect of a million genetic variants to reach an estimate showing that genetics accounts for about 1.6 percent of the variation in risk tolerance across individuals.”

The blog also pointed out that the role of genes that regulate neurotransmitters such as glutamate and GABA — are chemical messengers that both stimulate and calm the brain.

Are you a risk taker? The study examined “whether having a risk tolerance in one area, say a willingness to bungee jump, corresponds with taking a risk in another realm, like taking a risk financially.” The researchers found evidence of shared genetic influences across risk tolerance and risky behaviors.

I wonder if this information is going to influence your future behavior?

Read about it here.

2 thoughts on “There Is A Reason Why Someone Is A Daredevil

  1. Interesting. I have an additional theory about risk-takers. I’d bet they’re all optimists vs. pessimists. Seems most optimists think all will be fine must of the time. Where as us pessimists think the complete opposite.

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