DigiDame: Three Subjects

Cuban Cigars

I almost bought a box of Cuban cigars today. The word “almost” is the operative word. The reason why I didn’t is because I found out that if I didn’t gift them to friends immediately, the cigars would go bad. I also found out that you can buy Cuban Cigars in the United States now so the novelty of getting one of these gems has long worn off. Even though I hate cigars, visiting a Cuban cigar specialty shop was a rare treat.

Sights From Cuba

One of my travel mates said Havana is one of the most beautiful cities because it has the same architecture everywhere. No mixing the old, with the new. Everything looks like it came from the same time period. That provides a very pleasing and rare look.

A Photo Studio

The first photo below features my friend Hector. I met him in Cuba six years ago. He visited us in Miami a few times. There is always a great bond when we meet up.

The photo gallery below belongs to Ernesto Fernandez. He is a famous Cuban photographer because he cleverly incorporates lights and videos in his photos. Each piece is totally unique. His work is exhibited all over the world. Eliot is pictured with Ernesto below. I would love to see them collaborate.

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